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Digital Marketing is essential for just about every business in Australia. The founders of Springboard have experience executing digital marketing for nearly 20 years. In that time a few things have remained constant. The amount of people who find the products and services they need and want online grows every year. The technologies and platforms that enable businesses to connect with their customers grow in number and complexity, every year. The importance of getting your digital marketing strategy right increases, every week.

Every business is different and every strategy is different. Each platform can be customised to a businesses needs. The SEO you do on a Electrician’s site is vastly different to what you do on a female fashion website. The PPC strategy employed for a School’s website couldn’t be more different to a Restaurant. The Social advertising you do on a Builders website versus a Physio are miles apart.

Great digital marketing is not about picking the right service out of SEO, PPC and Social. Great digital marketing is all about customising and tailoring the right service to the right business based on that specific business’s unique features. By unique features I mean things like your business goals, what are the most profitable products/services, what is the surplus you need to move, who is your target market, where are they located, what are your competitors doing, and so on. Once armed with this information Springboard can tailor a strategy.

For example:

The Electrician may have a great deal on solar panels he wants to install within a 5km radius of his home. The female fashion eCommerce store may want to attract customers around Australia to purchase from their Spring Fashion collection. Schools need to attract parents to open days 4 times a year, Restaurants need you to order take away or book a table today. Builders want to stay front of mind and present during the average 7 month consideration period people normally take to decide to build a home. A physio needs to build local awareness and stay front of mind in their local community for that time a local resident sprains their ankle.

In these specific examples the Electrician needs a strong presence on Google Maps with accurate info, plenty of photos and lots of positive reviews (SEO). The female fashion eCommerce website wants to attract the spring racing enthusiasts with relevant content and a fast loading, easy to use confidence instilling website (SEO). Schools need ads with bid adjustments targeting parents actively researching schools, in specific areas at specific times of year. Restaurants need a strong Google My Business page, integrated with Google’s online ordering, plus up to date Facebook pages (SEO, PPC, SMM). Builders need a strong Instagram account with loads of before and after photos, updated multiple times a week and the Physio needs Google My Business and regular helpful content posted on the website and socials, plus turning on of Google ads when bookings need a boost.

Every business needs something different and specific. Find out more on our industry specific pages.

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