Springboard Digital is Growing… Fast!

We’re so excited to share that our wonderful team is continuing to grow, with three new members joining Springboard Digital in the past month! Get to know them here.

Google My Business is Being Absorbed by Google Maps

Google My Business is now called Google Business Profile and managed via Google Maps. Learn how to navigate the July 2022 updates here.

Government Assistance For Small Businesses

There’s an abundance of government assistance out there for small to medium businesses. We've compiled upcoming grants & payments your business may be eligible for.

What Are Core Web Vitals & Why Are They Important?

Core Web Vitals are three important measurements of your website’s user experience and are crucial for SEO. Learn why Core Web Vitals are important, and how to test and improve yours, here.

What Is Google Ads & How Does It Work?

A strong Google presence is essential for all businesses, big and small. So, how does advertising on Google actually work, and why is it important to differentiate from your competitors to achieve your online goals? Let’s dive in.

How To Improve Your Digital Strategy

Improving your digital marketing strategy is easier said than done. To help you achieve the results you want, we’ve compiled our top, easy tips. Read more here.

2022 Digital Marketing Trends For Small Businesses

We’ve compiled the top 5 digital marketing trends for 2022 relevant for small businesses. Read on to inform your new year digital strategy and set up for success!

Plan Ahead For 2022 With Our eCommerce Calendar

To help you stay on the ball in 2022, we've compiled the ultimate ecommerce calendar that includes every major Australian holiday and eCommerce event this year. Tap to read!

Everything You Need to Know About the Lord Mayor’s Women in Business Grant 2021

In this article, we’ll help you determine whether you’re eligible for the Women in Business Grant, recap what can be funded, and provide examples of what kind of digital marketing services and support you can get for $5k based on your business needs.

10 Things To Check Before Launching Your Website

Launching a website is exciting and stressful. No matter how experienced you are, there’s always things that can go wrong or be improved. Use this checklist to achieve peace of mind before you launch.

Google’s Title Tag Update 2021

Google recently announced their new web page title generation system. Here's how it affects your SEO.

Marketing Your Business In The Age Of Automation

Some welcome automation and machine learning, while others fear it. So, what do they actually mean, when did they begin, how do they apply to digital marketing, and what does the future hold?

The Aftermath Of Apple’s iOS14 Update & The Impact On Digital Marketers

Now that we’re a few months on from Apple's iOS14 update, let’s take a look at how it's impacted digital marketers, what’s coming next, and how we can prepare for the future.

What Is Content Creation In Digital Marketing?

Let's dive into all things content: why it's important for your digital marketing strategy, different types, how to use it to target different stages of the marketing funnel and more. Read on here!

The Ultimate Guide To Google My Business

Every business, small or large, should have a Google My Business account - it’s an essential marketing tool which helps convert high-intent customers into sales or leads. Learn all about GMB here.

How To Increase Your Website Traffic

In an increasingly digitised world, having a website is crucial for connecting with potential customers. Websites hold endless opportunities - learn how to make the most of yours here!

Our Top 5 Tips For Creating A Great Landing Page

These top 5 tips for creating a great landing page will help generate real value for your business - check it out here!

How To Build Your Business For Free Using Organic Social Media

1 in 3 internet users use social media platforms like Instagram & Facebook to discover more about businesses or brands. Read on to learn how to get the most out of your social platforms!

How Voice Search Is Changing SEO

In 2020, 50% of internet searches were performed with a voice command. Learn how this could impact your SEO here!

Google vs Government

Google and the Australian Government are in serious disagreement over a new law, soon to be voted on. Basically, the Government wants to force Google to pay news publishers for links to their news articles. Learn all about it here!

How To Market Your Small Business Effectively

As any entrepreneur knows, effective marketing is essential to running a successful business. Here are our top marketing tips for small businesses.

How To Allocate Budget For Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is arguably the most effective way for businesses to reach customers in today’s online world, but it can be hard for small businesses to allocate budget. Learn more here!

How To Write SEO Friendly Content In 2021

SEO is commonly regarded as one of the most powerful marketing channels for its cost-effectiveness, so optimising yours is important for findability. Learn more here!

How SEO & PPC Work Together

Let's explore how Search Engine Optimisation and Pay Per Click Advertising work together to get you the best results from your digital marketing. Read more here!

How To Choose The Right Digital Marketing Agency For Your Business

With 22.3 million Australians using the internet in 2020, there’s no better place to advertise than the digital world. There are loads of agencies out there, how how do you choose the right one? Learn here.

Facebook Offers COVID-19 Grant for Small Businesses

Earlier today, Facebook opened applications for their Small Business Grants Programme, an initiative that aims to help small businesses that have been impacted by COVID-19. Learn about it here!

Our Origin Story – How Springboard Digital Came To Be

Springboard Digital is an affordable, high-quality digital marketing agency that specialises in small to medium businesses with smaller budgets. We are proud to offer a hybrid of the best digital talent, most advanced technology and most competitive prices. Learn about our history here!

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