How Springboard Came To Be

About 4 years ago Alpha Digital, which started from a small two person business, was growing into a sizeable business with more than 10 employees. It needed larger office space and costs were rising. Alpha’s clients were growing in size and complexity and Alpha’s founder Matt Cooper received consulting advice that he was going to have to let his smaller business clients go.

The advice was to find another company that would be interested in the small spending clients and hand them over. The logic being they couldn’t afford the increasing fees that come with servicing the larger, growth focused Australia wide businesses. Matt thought hard on this. He was a small business and his smallest clients were like his seed investors. They trusted him when he had no trading history and to cut them loose didn’t feel right.

So after a couple of years of planning, Springboard Digital was born. A low cost, high quality hybrid of the best digital talent with the most advanced technology, to achieve an affordable but dependable long term digital marketing service. Powered by Alpha Digital and some of the best software engineers in Australia, Springboard can achieve what most small business focused agencies can’t.

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