Our Origin Story – How Springboard Digital Came To Be

About 4 years ago, Alpha Digital quickly began growing from a small, 2-person business into a sizeable business with more than 10 employees and huge, household-name clients. They needed a larger office space to accomodate their growing pains and potential to become one of Australia’s leading digital agencies, so their fees began increasing as a result.

Alpha’s founder, Matt Cooper, received consulting advice that he was going to have to let his smaller clients go if he wanted to achieve their vision. He was advised he’d have to find another digital marketing agency that specialised in small businesses with smaller budgets and hand them over. The logic was that they couldn’t afford the increasing fees that come with servicing the larger, growth focused Australia wide businesses.

Matt thought hard on this. He had began as a small business and his smallest clients were his seed investors. They had trusted him when he had no trading history and it simply didn’t feel right to cut them off just like that.

So, after a couple of years of planning, Springboard Digital was born.

Springboard Digital team

Springboard Digital is an affordable, high-quality digital marketing agency that specialises in small to medium businesses with smaller budgets. We are still powered by Alpha Digital and work closely alongside them daily to ensure we can achieve what most small-business-focussed agencies can’t. We are proud to offer a hybrid of the best digital talent, most advanced technology and most competitive prices.

We specialise in three main services: Social Media Marketing (SMM), Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), and Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC or SEM).

All three of our services are incredibily beneficial for all businesses, but our Client Success Managers generate personalised strategies to ensure you’re only investing in those which will benefit your business. We offer a package pyramid for each service, which means you can choose to focus more budget on particular services and receive more Springboard work as a result. We also offer consulting along the way to ensure you feel comfortable and confident at all times.

Ready to invest in digital marketing and boost your business’s digital presence, revenue and future success?

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